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Five-Star Bathrooms: Beijing Wants Its Olympics Flush With Success
September 2, 2004

From Ancient Capital to Asian Mega-City: Goodbye to Old Beijing
May 28, 2004

Traffic, Pollution, Gridlock: Bicycle Kingdom Overrun With Cars
September 5, 2003


Sandstorms in Inner Mongolia: Development Hastens Desertification
November 4, 2004

Most Polluted City in China: Coal Fuels Economy, and Pollution Worldwide
October 6, 2004 

Shark Fin Economics: Growing Wealth Spurs Appetite for Endangered Seafood
September 17, 2004


City of Ice: Harbin's Arctic Attractions Lure Cold, Hard Cash
February 15, 2005

"Jubilant Yaks and Jumping Horses": Waterfalls and Wildflowers on Horse-Trek in Songpan
August 19, 2002

Aural Sex in Chengdu: In China, There's Nothing Dirty in the Ears
June 19, 2002


Holding Up Half the Sky?: Politics Becoming a Man's World in Modern China
March 24, 2005 

Hu Jintao: Reform Hopes Fade as New Leader Promotes Marxism
January 20, 2005 

Holy Cow: Costly Vanity Projects Proliferate Throughout China
July 11, 2002


Rising Religious Tide: New Churches For Beijing Reflect Surge of Christianity
March 3, 2004 

Assimilating Tibet: Tibetans Get Ahead By Joining, Not Fighting, the Chinese System
October 9, 2002

China's Muslim West: Harboring National Ambitions or International Terrorists?
October 15, 2001


China's Improverished Countryside: Development Policies Serve Only to Widen the Gulf
August 24, 2004

From Farmland to Golf Course: Epidemic of Land Seizures Threatens Food Security
August 17, 2004

Society & Arts

The Dark Side of Reform: Is Economic Progress Leading to Moral Decay?
April 15, 2005

Double Eyelids, Bigger Noses: Young Women Clamor For Plastic Surgery
August 10, 2004

Drunk on the Job: The Art of the Business Deal Requires Heavy Drinking
November 15, 2001

Zhang Yang: China's Hottest Young Director Portrays Harsh Realities of Urban Life
November 22, 2000


Actual Conversations I've Had With Chinese People


Gross National Happiness: How One Tiny Nation Keeps Globalization in Check
December 26, 2000

Is Bhutan Ready for "Millionaire," Or Do They Just Want Their MTV?
December 26, 2000

Extreme Environmentalism: A Himalayan Kingdom Wary of Tourism
January 3, 2001


Letter from Burma: A "Modern" Country Moving Backwards
November 14, 2003


Chronicles of Coolness: From Anime to J-Pop, Japan is In
April 14, 2004


Desperate For Legitimacy, North Korea Still Demonizes America
April 24, 2003

Collapsed Economy: Reform is Slow While Poverty Prevails
April 24, 2003

The World's Last Stalinist State: Corruption and Favoritism Alive and Well
April 24, 2003

After Baghdad, Pyongyang Wonders If It's Next
April 4, 2003

Tourism in the Hermit Kingdom: North Korea Plays Nice With Brethren From the South
March 6, 2003


Doggy MRIs to Doggy Perfume: South Koreans Want to Spoil, Not Broil, Their Pooches
May 16, 2003

Roh Moo-hyun: New President Brings Prospect of New Relationship
March 2, 2003

Generation Gap: Young South Koreans Prefer North Koreans to Americans
January 20, 2003


Buried in Riches: A Cemetery for Wealthy Chinese
May 21, 2004

Conflicting Loyalties: Filipino Muslims Struggle for Peace and Independence
December 18, 2001

Tech Mania in Manila: Life After "Love Bug"
October 25, 2000

Overlooked Tech Talent: Alleged "Love Bug" Virus Creator Just Wants Respect
October 25, 2000


The King, His Son and His Dog: Worries in Thailand Over Royal Succession
December 2, 2004

The Muslim South: Harsh Government Tactics Perpetuate Strife
November 19, 2004

Tug-of-War in Thailand: China and U.S. Vie for Influence in Southeast Asia
October 21, 2003


Islam in Southeast Asia

Conflicting Loyalties: Filipino Muslims Struggle for Peace and Independence
December 18, 2001

Malaysia's Moderate Muslims: Political Parties Trying to "Out-Islam" Each Other
November 7, 2002

U.S. in Indonesia: Trying to Win Hearts and Minds, and Losing
February 13, 2003

Thailand's Muslim South: Harsh Government Tactics Perpetuate Strife
November 19, 2004


Witness to an Execution: Closure is Elusive For the Grieving
February 7, 1999

Young, Female and Ethnic: Mien Girls Straddle Two Worlds
January 24, 1999


Forgotten Chinese of Havana: El Barrio Chino Hopes for Revival
October 18, 1998

Typeset By Hand: Relic of the Past Still Provides a Link to the World
October 18, 1998

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